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"Handmade" vs. "Not-Handmade"

Posted by Jamie McGinnis on

We recently submitted an application to be a vendor at a larger craft/vendor show and we were super excited about it.....then our application was denied....WHAT THE WHAT????

We really always believed that River Imprints products were more suited for the handmade category.  There are no less than 3 pairs of hands that touch each shirt, jacket, mug, hat, etc. before they leave the shop. No we don't make or hand sew the shirts that we apply the decoration to.  No we don't have a pottery wheel in the back room to make our own mugs.  We leave all of that to our suppliers who are much more skilled at those crafts than we are.  

The first set of hands are Kelly's with cutting the vinyl and getting the apparel or other items on order to be worked with.  The second set of hands are Norma's or AShley's who complete most of the weeding for us.  

The last set of hands usually to touch the items are Jen's.   After she presses the shirts, she folds them so neatly and wraps them in tissue that is folded just as neatly.  I have tried to duplicate her folding and wrapping techniques but I just don't have that knack.  We often receive compliments on her folding and packaging skills.  Jen can tell from across the room if there is a package that she did not wrap herself, she has eagle eyes for that stuff!  That's why we love her!  

Now that fall is in full swing here in Hardin, we are busy gearing up for the upcoming Christmas season.  We have almost got out fall/winter vendor event schedule all set, watch for that update in a future post.

Happy Fall Y'all




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