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How to shop our products in 7 easy steps

Posted by Jamie McGinnis on

We often get many questions about changing the designs, colors or the apparel choices of the products listed on the website.  With the exception of sublimated designs the answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Simply follow the steps below to create your perfect product.

Step 1:  Choose the design you like.  

When you choose the design you like, try to envision it as you would be wearing it.

The pictures we have for the products on the website are to be used as examples to follow.   We don't mind at all changing the colors. (Sublimation products are not changeable, what you see pictured is what you will get)  For example, our hometown school mascot is the Bulldog and our school colors are black and orange, but less than 1 hour away is another Bulldog team whose school colors are purple and gold.  We can make most of the same designs in the school mascot section to be black and orange, or purple and gold.  We also offer custom artwork/design creation for an additional fee.

Step 2:  Choose your apparel item.

When choosing your apparel item it helps to be able to tell us what you want.  Short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, ladies fit, or unisex, etc.  If you are not sure, we will be happy to point you in the direction of our favorite picks.

Step 3:  Choose the color of the apparel item. 

If you have a question about the color options, please send us a message and we will be happy to help.  Most of them are listed on the website options.

Step 4:  Choose the type of vinyl to be used. 

We have 4 options to pick from:  Matte-flat colors, no sheen (most men prefer this option)

Foil:  slight sheen, a nice option for those who don't "do bling"

Glitter:  sparkly, glittery, gets lots of notice, eye catching, especially in direct sunlight.

Shift:  iridescent gold and silver "shift" take on some of the coloring of the apparel item it is placed on, changing colors depending on what angle it is viewed from.

Step 5: Placing your Order.

When you have steps 1-4 completed, you are ready to place your order.  That can be done directly from the website or if in doubt, send us a message using this link, and we will be happy to assist you with placing your order.  Your email address will be required for invoicing purposes and order tracking information.

Step 6:  Paying for your item.

If you order through our website, it will walk you through the ordering process.  If we help you with an order, we will be emailing you an invoice.  Sometimes, the emails land in the spam folders, so be sure to watch for them.

Step 7:  Sit back and wait for your item to arrive in 3-5 business days!!!

Whew, that seems like a LOT of information to process, but I promise we will be there to help through each step.

*Wednesday Special $10 tees are only $10 in the colors shown.  All other colors/changes are regular price.

Remember:  There is no such thing as too much glitter!!!



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