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.... let's talk about Snowballs ❄️❄️

Posted by Kelly Hawkins on

On the eve of the 4th (or 8th?) Blizzard in Kansas City, I wanted to take a minute and chat with you about snowballs.  Ok, not the real ones, just the imaginary ones that tend to roll through my life and throw me off track.

After a busy Saturday of website maintenance and home bills and laundry... we flew to #boy2's basketball game and ended up being invited out to dinner (which was awesome, by the way!).  But after too many carbs, and one too many drinks, and not enough sleep... here is where my snowball begins.

Sunday... "I deserve a rest day, right?"  Bad eating and not enough sleep tend to make me sluggish and heavy, and who wants to do housework and a work out in that condition, right? ...and SURE, I might as well eat that bowl of chili (with cheese and FRITOS) that the boys wanted for dinner; and come on, that mountain of laundry will still be here tomorrow... Who's with me?

Sooo, after all this randomness, here is my point... I want to encourage you to break out of your next snowball effect and tips on how I do it.

LAUNDRY:  I put one load of laundry in the washer each morning; and when I walk in the door after work, I put that load into the dryer.  Then, when I'm done with my workout, I fold that one load.  I'm not going to tell you that this plan works correctly every week (did you see I mentioned 'mountain of laundry' above)... but on the weeks that it does work, it's a huge time relief off my weekend.

WORKOUTS: When I walk in the door in the afternoon (after I put the laundry in the dryer), I immediately change clothes and head downstairs to workout.  I do not pass go, do not collect $200... if I look around the house at the CrAzY, or start signing papers in backpacks, it's over... I won't get my workout done.

DISHES: I unload in the mornings and reload in the evenings, and run it overnight... depending on how busy my boys are, this job usually swings to them.

On top of these every day chores, I add one thing onto each day's schedule... Monday is floor day, Tuesday is trash day, Wednesday is #riverimprints SHOP DAY!, Thursday is bathroom day, Friday is mail/bill day... and when this plan works correctly, I have the weekend free to enjoy my family and ball and whatever we WANT to do.

I really hope these tips might help you in some way... and keep us both from rolling under that next big snowball!  ❄️❄️

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  • These are great tips! Thanks! (And here’s to gaining momentum in a positive way, so we can get ourselves out of this winter-that-never-ends funk!)

    Amy on

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